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Brand / Generic Names

Voletile solvents, Aerosals, Anesthetic gases.

Street Names

Poppers, snappers, bolt, bullet, climax, locker room, rush, buzz bombs whippets.

Inhalants include a large variety of breathable chemicals that produce mind - altering results. The three main categories are volatile solvents, aerosols, and anesthetic gases. Effects from inhalants vary from one substance to another. Depending on which substance is used, is to which of the below listed effects the user might experience.

In general, persons under the influence of inhalants will appear confused and disoriented. Their speech will usually be slurred.

The volatile solvents and aerosols usually cause elevated blood pressure. But the Anesthetic gases usually cause blood pressure to become lower then normal. 

Inhalant effects are felt immediately. However, the duration of effects is based on the inhalant used. Inhalants can produce effects that last a few seconds to a few hours. Some inhalants attack the central nervous system which can cause suffocation and heart failure. Some inhalant overdoses induce severe nausea and vomiting, and the unconscious user may drown in his or her own vomit. Thus, there is a significant risk of death due to inhalant overdose.

Long term abusers can suffer from permanent damage to the central nervous system, liver system, bone marrow damage, and greatly reduced mental and physical abilities.