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Brand / Generic Names:

Hash Oil, Hashish, Marijuana, Marinol, Dranabinol, Thai stick.

Street Names:

Acapulco Gold, Aunt mary, Bambalachcha, Betas, Bhang, Bo - bo, Bush, Boo, Broccoli< Bud , Canadian Black, Chicago Green, Columbia Red, Chronic, Cheeva, Ding, Dope, Dubie, Fu, Gange, Ganja, Gates, GOM, Grass, Greefo, Griffas, Gauge, Giggle sticks, Gunja, Hemp, Herb, Honey, Indian Hemp, Jay Smoke, Jamaican red, Joint, Joy smoke, Kona, Kif, Loco weed, maggie, mary jane, megg, mez, moahsky, mococha, mooster, mota, mu, pod, plot, reff, roach, ses, snop, splim, tea, wake and bake, weed, yesca.

Possible effects of Cannabis

Cannabis appears to interfere with a persons ability or willing less to pay attention. People under the influence of Marijuana do not divide there attention very well. When driving, they may attend to certain parts of the driving task but ignore other parts. For example, the driver may continue to steer the car but ignore stop signs, Traffic lights or pedestrians. Cannabis will generally diminish inhibitions, impair perception of time and distance, create disorientation, and can cause body tremors.

Users of marijuana generally feel the within 8-9 seconds after inhaling the smoke. The effects will reach there peak within 10-30 minutes, and usually last for 3-6 hours. The user will typically feel normal within 3-6 hours after smoking marijuana.

Evidence of marijuana can be disclosed in some blood and urine tests long after the effects have dissipated. This is because certain chemical tests do not seek to find THC, Delta-9. The active ingredient in cannabis that causes intoxication, but instead looks for metabolites of THC, or chemical by-products. Some tests can indicate the presence of THC metabolites for up to 45 days after smoking marijuana.

Two important metobites of THC affect the duration, and perception, of the effects of cannabis. One of these metabites is hydroxy THC: This causes the user  to feel unmoral, so that he or she is aware of the effects. Therefore, the user may actually be impaired foe a good deal of time after his or her perceptions of impairment have ended.

Excessive use of Marijuana can create paranoia and possible psychosis.