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CNS Stimulants


Brand / Generic Names

Cocaine, Amphetamine, Methamphetamine, Methylphenidate, Phenmetrizime

Street Names

Bams, Blackbirds, crosses, poppers, speed, thrusters, uppers, uppies, whites, bernies, big, bloke, blow, heaven dust, her, school boy, snow, crank, crystal, meth, splash, dexies, pep pills, bennies.

Possible effects of CNS Stimulants

Cocaine and the amphetamines produce euphoria, a feeling that there are no problems. A feeling of super strength and absolute self-confidence may also be present. With cocaine there is also an anesthetic effect, a dulling of pain. Stimulant also tend to become hyperactive, nervous extremely talkative and unable to stand still. The effects of stimulants vary from five minutes to several hours, depending on wich type of CNS stimulant is used.

An overdose of stimulants can replace the effects with panic. the user may become confused and aggressive. they can even pass into a coma. the heartbeat will increase, this may lead to cardiac arrest. Death can also occur.